Osho Neo Reiki
Questions and Answer

April 1995, Miasto and Milano, Italy:
What is Osho Neo-Reiki (ONR)?
How was ONR born?
For whom is “Osho Expanding Reiki”?
Is the Adv. Training for Reikimasters?
What prices are you asking for?

June 1995, Poona, India:
What is your background?
Who is your Reikimaster?
Do you work with emotional release?
What are the Reiki symbols good for?
Is symbol no. 4 for self-healing?
What do you give, when you give Reiki? 
Do you work on subtle bodies?
Do you work on past lives?
Whom can you heal?
Is Reikimaster for everyone?
What makes a good healer?
How do you protect yourself?
How do you deal with negative energies?
Do you initiate also the feet?

May 2011, collected questions:
What about........?
Reiki and Meditation
Reiki and Chakras
Chakra Balancing
Shock and Stress
Being “ungrounded”
Reiki and …
Chakras and Resonance
Past Life Energy (2013).