“Osho ist ein erleuchteter Meister, der mit allen ihm zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln dafür arbeitet, der Menschheit über eine schwierige Phase bei der Bewußtseinsentwicklung hinweg zu helfen.“ zu helfen.“
S.H. Dalai Lama

“Osho é o mais importante e mais bem sucedido professor no domínio que resulta da intersecção da psicologia, psicoterapia, filosofia e religião”
Dr. Guy L. Claxton, D.Phil (Oxford) Prof. de Psicologia da Educação na Universidade de Londres

“Osho é a maior encarnação depois de Buda, na Índia”
Sua Santidade Iangjung Rigepe Dorje, o Décimo Sexto Gyalwa Karmapa

“Osho is a man blessed with a great sense of humor and wisdom.”

Yehudi Menuhin

“Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness.”
The Dalai Lama

“Osho is the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ…
He’s obviously a very effective man, otherwise he wouldn’t be such a threat. He’s saying the same things that nobody else has the courage to say.
I have read enough of Osho’s brilliant books to be convinced that he was the greatest spiritual teacher of the 20th century…
He understood us better than we understand ourselves.”

Tom Robbins, author

“Osho’s incredible taped discourse lectures and books have inspired me and millions of others on the path of self-evolution. … He is like a great bell tolling, Awaken, Awaken, Awaken!”
James Coburn, actor

“Osho is an enlightened master of this time.”
Satya Vedant, Pune - Global Connection


Books from Osho are transcriptions of his spontaneous talks.
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