January 2012 in Dharamsala


Himani was born during the Second World War in Germany, she holds a Master Degree in Philosophy of the University of Hamburg, she was teacher in special education and speech therapist when at the age of fourty she started a new life.

Himani meditates since 1979,
works with Reiki since 1982 and
expanded it into Metaphysical Energywork,
she is Osho Neo-Reikimaster since 1989 and
founded the Osho Institute of Neo-Reiki and Creativity,
since 1992 she paints energy pictures.

Besides travelling in Europe during ten years, she visited Asia for many years and long times, teaching Meditation and Reiki in India and Taiwan.Then she settled in Aljezur / Algarve / Portugal. In 2009 Himani moved from Europe to India.

Her story with meditation, with Osho, with Reiki and with herself is ready to be published. A few copies of the manuscript “Neo-Reiki, New Dimensions in Transformation and Creativity“ is now available in English via mail from India. It contains the music CD of “Atmosphere” from Sw. Nirodh.
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